Facts about AWO and Guidelines

At AWO, we support every person to successfully manage their individual everyday lives, to demand their rights and to be treated with solidarity. This involves helping people to help themselves, empowerment, giving encouragement, as our role is always to make it easier for the persons affected to jouin or re-join society, or to ensure that they can take part in everyday life with autonomy and dignity. Our welfare organisation has had an eventful past. Founded in the turmoil left by the First World War and re-established after being banned by the National Socialists, AWO has unwaveringly helped to turn Germany into a fair and caring home for all its citizens.

Now, in the face of partially unconstrained market forces, it is even more important to speak up for justice and for solidarity within our society and to take a definitive stance. We are convinced that the equality of all human beings before the law as well as universal human rights are the foundations of an open society. These rights are non-negotiable. They should be granted to every single person. We fight for a democratic society in which religious, sexual, ethnic, social and linguistic diversity can flourish.

Our work is aimed at helping to create a world of social solidarity where all people can live together in peace, regardless of their differences. This is why we get involved. We provide suitable support structures for children, young people, mothers, fathers, the elderly and migrants; we fight against everyday racism and right-wing extremism, both of which have a toxic effect on democratic and civilised coexistence.

Today, AWO is supported througout Germany by more than 335000 members, 66000 dedicated volunteers and 215000 salaried employees. More than 600000 people devote themselves to AWO’s values and mission, and support solidarity within society. The philosophy behind our word and activities is up-to-the-minute. For the future, one thing is sure, we will remain focussed on the person and will continue to fight for a dignified life – in Germany and througout the world. After more than 100 years of AWO, we will definitely continue our crusade (#WIRMACHENWEITER).

We determine – against our historical background as part of the labour movement – our actions through the values of liberal-democratic socialism: solidarity, tolerance, freedom, equality and justice.

We are an association of members that fights for a socially just society and exerts political influence. We pursue this goal with voluntary commitment and professional services.

We promote democratic and social thinking and action. We have social visions.

We support people to shape their lives independently and responsibly and promote alternative life concepts.

We practice solidarity and strengthen people’s responsibility for the community.

We offer high quality social services for everyone.

We act with social, economic, ecological and international responsibility and are committed to the careful use of existing resources.

We preserve the independence and autonomy of our association; we ensure transparency and control of our work.

We are technically competent, innovative, reliable and ensure this through our honorary and full-time employees.