„We are a members‘ association that
fights for a socially just society and has political influence.
We pursue this goal with volunteer dedication
and professional services.“

Both voluntary work and membership are characteristic of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO). Therefore, the AWO District Association Kleve, along with the affiliated local associations of the municipalities, offer citizens the opportunity to volunteer.

What are the options? In concrete terms, you can get involved in existing facilities of the AWO District Association Kleve. In a preliminary discussion, we will examine together the areas where there is a need for volunteers and which tasks can be taken over.

Do you have any ideas about how and where to volunteer, or are you planning a project in your community or want a single relief effort? Additionally, the AWO District Association Kleve offers you organizational support in the implementation because the promotion of civic engagement and personal initiative is close to our hearts.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding volunteering at the AWO District Association Kleve, please contact our association development head, Natalie Guntlisbergen, by phone 02821 899 39 49 or email natalie.guntlisbergen@awo-kreiskleve.de.