OGS – our concept

The all-day open schools or Offene Ganztagsschule (OGS) are a unique concept at AWO which corporate the following:

Reliable care

  • From 8 am to 4 pm
  • Your child is well taken care of – in the afternoon and if lessons fail
  • On all school days and at least half of the school Holidays
  • Fun is important!

Our goal is: The children feel well in the care group and have the pleasure to participate.

In our support groups, it can be experienced that responsibility for one’s own actions and solidarity with life go hand in hand. Social learning is an integral part of our educational group work.

School and leisure – together instead of separated
A close exchange between the school and support group is a matter of course for us. These include regular meetings, but also provide a „short line“ to the teaching staff.

Homework help
In homework help, the children are instructed to work independently and to use the available time effectively.

A lot of exercise, simple and common play are at the forefront of leisure activities. Here, too, wishes of children and parents are considered.

Participation possible and desired
Children and parents should be able to participate. We take suggestions, ideas but also fears seriously.

Child council: 1 x week
Parent consultation: 2 x week
Parents‘ evening: 2 x year

The costs are charged and determined by the school (municipality).