Integration Assistance

Our integration assistance offers at day-care centres and schools

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General tasks

The integration assistance helps children and young people with special needs to compensate for deficits. It provides help for the integration of children and adolescents in daycare and mainstream schools.

Children and adolescents with special needs are those who are physically, mentally or emotionally impaired – or who are at risk of mental impairment. The temporal extent and personnel employment for these services are discussed in individual cases with the responsible cost unit.

The integration aid accompanies the clients in daycare and school life, promotes the development of social contacts and offers individual support to enable the self-determined participation of the child and adolescent. At the same time integration assistance is in constant contact with educators, teachers and parents.

The goal is to achieve the independence of the client without any kind of assistance.

Integration assistance in Kitas

The integration aid supports the educational staff of the institution in encouraging the children with disabilities in accordance with the educational and educational mission of the institution and allows the children the greatest possible participation in the group action.

Integration aid in schools

This program supports the child or the adolescents in school matters with clearly defined goals, whereby the so-called core area of the school is expressly excluded: the integration aid replaces no teacher.

In the initial consultation with the educational, therapeutic and nursing professionals, the integration aid is informed about the special abilities of the pupil.

Sufficient integration aid in day-care centres and schools

The integrative assistance used as such has experience in the field of education and is professionally supervised and guided by the Department of Children, Youth and Family. A special qualification in the socio-educational field is not required.

Expert integration assistance in day-care centres and schools
In this segment of AWO Integrationshilfe, there is an additional focus on the individual restriction of the child. The Integration Aid has specific knowledge in the socio-educational and integrative field. Preference is given to the use of health education nurses or comparable educational staff. The instructions are provided by the department Children, Youth and Family.

The application for integration assistance must be submitted by a legal guardian.

Julia Martens

For more information, please contact the Integration Assistance Coordinator:

Julia Martens

Henri-Dunant-Straße 15-17, 47533 Kleve
Phone: 02821 / 73647-18